Half Marathon Triple Crown Series


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Three of the country's best half marathons.

Three exceptional coastal courses.

Three "must-do" races.

One unique challenge.

La Jolla Half Marathon is proud to be a part of a trio of scenic Southern California half marathons who have joined to form the Half Marathon Triple CrownSM. Besides La Jolla, this 13.1-mile threesome also includes the Tri-City Medical Center Carlsbad Marathon & Half (January) and the America's Finest City Half Marathon (August).

To be a part of the series, simply register and finish each of these events in the same calendar year, starting with the Carlsbad Half Marathon or Full Marathon in January. Finishers of the Half Marathon Triple CrownSM will receive an impressive commemorative medal, as well as gain some serious bragging rights and a huge sense of accomplishment!

The Half Marathon Triple CrownSM is a fun opportunity to recognize the dedicated half marathoners who enter these three top quality events. With the three races spaced evenly apart; winter, spring and summer, it allows participants the time to train and recover adequately from all three events.

All of the half marathons are known for their spectacular scenery. The Carlsbad Half Marathon in January boasts an oceanfront course in Carlsbad, 30 miles north of San Diego. The La Jolla Half Marathon held in April features a point-to-point course stretching from the quaint seaside village of Del Mar to La Jolla. The America's Finest City Half Marathon (AFC) held each August, runs from the historic Cabrillo National Monument in Point Loma, then along the San Diego Harbor before winding through downtown San Diego and finishing in beautiful Balboa Park.

See what the Half Marathon Triple Crown is all about!
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  1. You must register using the exact same name and birthday for all three events.
  2. You must wear a timing device and receive an official time for each event. If you do not have an official finishing time, you will automatically be disqualified.
  3. Entry into each event is not guaranteed - register early to ensure your spot.
  4. Each event has its own time limits - to be eligible for the Triple Crown you must adhere to each time limit.

After the results from both the Carlsbad Marathon or Half Marathon in January and the La Jolla Half Marathon in April are compiled, a list of those eligible for the Half Marathon Triple CrownSM is  generated. This list includes those who finished both events with official times within the course time limits. These eligible participants must register for and complete the AFC Half Marathon within the course time limit to receive their official Half Marathon Triple CrownSM finisher's medal. Medals will be awarded at the AFC Half Marathon finish line festival area.

Join the In Motion Fit training program and train for your Triple Crown journey with the support of a team and professional coaches. The new season kicks off every July, but you can still join. Learn more here!


Once you complete the 2018 Carlsbad full or half marathon as well as the the 2018 La Jolla Half Marathon, then you will be eligible for the 2018 Triple Crown!

As soon as you confirm you are on the list be sure you are registered for the AFC Half Marathon and you will receive a special Triple Crown bib in August which you will use to redeem
your commemorative Champion medal after your race.

If you think you should be on the list and don't see your name, please email ellen@inmotionevents.com.

Confirm your race entries:

  • 2018 Carlsbad Marathon or Half Marathon 
  • 2018 La Jolla Half Marathon 
  • 2018 AFC Half Marathon
  • Log in to Events.com, click on your name from top navigation bar and click "My Events."  This page will show all of the events you are registered for. You can also email hello@events.com to request a confirmation email.

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